Vertical Garden, decorative and environmental fashion

While up to now, vertical gardens were seen in large buildings or museum facades, and invade private homes. The vertical gardens dazzle with their creativity, giving space and stimulating the contemporary architecture.

In Clavisa, we appreciate our experience in the cultivation of coarse plants, to create vertical gardens with our clients, who will dress their walls all year.

The succulent plant species that we grow in Clavisa can combinate colors, textures and formats to choose between different species, for example Aloe ciliata, Euphorbia, Echeveria multiceps. In addition, the colors of the leaves will change throughout the year, creating true works of art in constant evolution.


Private Terraces – Penthouses Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona


On the ninth floor of this emblematic 5-star Grand Luxury Hotel on the Paseo de Gracia, you will find the most distinguished suites in Barcelona.

All the penthouses have been equipped with Vertical Gardens to add a plant and natural space on their terraces overlooking Barcelona.

A careful combination of succulent plant species in the different landscaped separations become natural elements, which even provide freshness during the strong summer heat and a sophisticated touch to these outdoor spaces.

The main varieties that were chosen are crassula, sedum and kalanchoe, because of their variety of color and low maintenance.

Facade of the Museum of the Mines of Cercs in Berga


Surrounded by nature, the Berguedà area, province of Barcelona, ​​is this museum of dissemination of mining activity that dynamized the area long ago and the past of the dinosaurs.

Playing with this connection with the environment and as a welcome home, he decides to integrate a vertical garden that covers a large part of the façade of a new exhibition building.

The landscaped composition of large dimensions is divided into rectangles as a regular mosaic, where you can see varieties of succulent plants, perennial plants and aromatic. Given the characteristics of the same and despite the climate with strong contrasts of this region, they are shown attractive and exuberant at any time of the year, not leaving visitors indifferent to contemplate this plant creation.

The application of this garden in the wall is combined, together with large-format mirrors that create a great contrast, giving more visual strength and luminosity to the whole.

Restaurant Quadrat – Sant Francesc Hotel Singular, Palma de Mallorca


This is an exclusive 5-star boutique hotel in the old town of Palma de Mallorca. Inside this 19th century palace-house, is a large patio that is converted into a cozy Mediterranean-style garden with different atmospheres.

Several walls consist of succulent plants of the variety crassula, echeveria, sedum, kalanchoe. They were also supplemented with some adult succulent plants in the form of planters or large individual pots to give harmony to the whole.

The result was a current and distinguished space that makes a dinner or outdoor event in this gastronomic space become something different.

The Patio – Majestic Restaurant, Passeig de Gràcia


For the renovation- and expansion project of this reference restaurant in Barcelona, Clavisa is asked for an ingenious solution that allows a touch of nature with elegance within an interior area of Majestic Hotel & Spa 5 * GL.

The main building of the hotel forms an interior courtyard without direct light. It is thought to include it as an outdoor space for the restaurant, where guests can enjoy the good weather that can be enjoyed in Barcelona during most of the year.

It is committed to covering the different perimeter walls with vertical gardens creating green areas to give a greater sense of exuberance. The varieties that are used are the crassula, sedum and kalanchoe. The set also provides a greater freshness in the summer months with high temperatures.


Technical Information:

  • Stainless steel panel
  • Steel mesh 10 × 10 cm
  • Thickness 3 mm stainless steel
  • Module dimensions 100x50x12 mm
  • Wet weight 30 kgs
  • Anti-grass mesh
  • Rooted plants
  • Water consumption 200 l / m2 year (Mediterranean climate)
  • Maintenance, pest control, irrigation and fertilizer are advised
Vertical garden assembly and operation


Full your walls of natural life, dare with a vertical garden