Our motivated and professional team of more than 25 people make this business project possible.

From staff dedicated to the work in the crops to the people dedicated to administrative and marketing tasks. All of them, will be delighted to attend our customers as they deserve.

We advance to your needs and have multiple proposals to present you. Let yourself be surprised!

team of clavisa
about us clavisa dedicated team
planting cactus and succulents in greenhouses
staff dedicated to the work in the crops
facade of Clavisa with mother plant and vertical garden


The origins of the Soldevila’s Family Company were the crops of different varieties of carnations along with curiosity about the cactus and similar species. What started as a simple hobby, became a business activity in the cultivation and commercial distribution of succulent plants and cactus.

Over the time, the high demand, makes necessary to expand its facilities and modernizeing processes. Currently, we work with more than 200 varieties of succulents, both in individual formats and in compositions, constantly looking for new features: such as ceramic, wood, zinc, etc. presentations. We are also specialists in the creation of vertical gardens or ecological covers.


With an extension of approximately 30,000 m2 of covered cultivation and 1,200 m2 outdoors it allows us to have a wide variety of crops.

The different covered greenhouses are dedicated to sowing, seedbeds, potted cactus and grafts, dividing into nurseries for cultivation and mother plants.

In the outdoors areas is where the different species grow when they have reached a certain age. We have specialized staff in sowing, cutting, planting, transplanting, handling and preparation for transportation, as well as the assembly of vertical gardens.

nursery succulent plants clavisa
covered greenhouses are dedicated to sowing, seedbeds, potted cactus and grafts
mother succulent plants clavisa

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