Facade of the Museum of the Mines of Cercs in Berga


Surrounded by nature, the Berguedà area, province of Barcelona, ​​is this museum of dissemination of mining activity that dynamized the area long ago and the past of the dinosaurs.

Playing with this connection with the environment and as a welcome home, he decides to integrate a vertical garden that covers a large part of the façade of a new exhibition building.

The landscaped composition of large dimensions is divided into rectangles as a regular mosaic, where you can see varieties of succulent plants, perennial plants and aromatic. Given the characteristics of the same and despite the climate with strong contrasts of this region, they are shown attractive and exuberant at any time of the year, not leaving visitors indifferent to contemplate this plant creation.

The application of this garden in the wall is combined, together with large-format mirrors that create a great contrast, giving more visual strength and luminosity to the whole.